O-HERA, The Open Group Healthcare Enterprise Reference Architecture

This blog is the first in the topic series on The Open Group Healthcare Enterprise Reference Architecture (O-HERA).

Here, I will be providing a high-level introduction to O-HERA and discuss its relation to TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate.

The second topic in this series will cover Hospital Reference Architecture which is based on Healthcare Forums Collaboration with Nictiz and the Dutch Hospital Reference Architecture ZiRa (Ziekenhuis Referentie Architectuur)

The Healthcare Forum of The Open Group has been working on developing a global reference Healthcare reference Architecture. As part of this effort, we have developed and published O-HERA in the year 2018 as a snapshot. The Open Health Enterprise Reference Architecture covers a Healthcare ecosystem in its entirety.

O-HERA is an Agile, Secure, person-centric modular architecture that consists of three models, the Management Model, Architecture Model and an Operation Model.

The management model is a part of the planning stage that defines an Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals. Then the following three planning steps are carried out, strategy planning, Capability Planning, and Transformation planning. (Ref Image: 1 O-HERA Framework)

Image 1 : O-HERA ( The Open Group Healthcare Enterprise Reference Architecture)

The Architectural Model defines the Build phase and focuses on business processes and services, Information Harmonization, Applications, and Technology.

The Operational model is the run phase that focuses on operating the Business, Measuring KPIs(Key Performance Indicators), analyze to improve and evolve.

The O-HERA is a broad framework envisioned and developed as an end-to-end Healthcare Enterprise Reference Architecture. It closely relates to TOGAF, especially ADM and ArchiMate. (Ref Image: 2)

Image: 2 Relation between TOGAF ADM, ArchiMate and O-HERA

Based on the feedback that we have received on O-HERA, we have understood that O-HERA is a broad framework developed for healthcare enterprises having a more extensive scope. To make the O-HERA modular, practical, useable, and implementable, we decided to focus on a specific healthcare focus area, namely, the hospital.

In my next blog in the O-HERA series, I will be discussing Hospital Reference Architecture based on the Dutch Hospital Reference Architecture.

References and Credits:

Credits: Jasonslee Phd for his guidance and encouragement on this blog.

References : O-HERA, TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate.



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