Rabindranath Tagore — Amar Nai Baholo Paare Jaawa

DrPadmavathi Roy
2 min readJul 17, 2022

Life is a struggle, but not losing heart for failures and taking a simple, mindful look is the great winner.

I have been a big fan of Rabindranath Tagore for ages.

The entire world admires his style and is fascinated by his poetry and compositions.

I feel they appear very easy while listening, but they are most problematic if we attempt to sing.

I happen to record one of his compositions “ Amar Nai Baholo Paare Jaawa”. I enjoyed singing this song, and this keeps ringing in my ears.

This song has a subtle meaning and touches that delicate part of the heart.

This song could be about a person struggling in this world, unable to achieve or cross this ocean of “Samsara”, the endless cycles of death and rebirth.
The human tries to go to the other bank of the river, but if he cannot tell himself, never mind, at least I enjoy sailing and experiencing the cool breeze touching his body.

If unable to sail like others, I shall sit silently at the pier watching others sail, probably learning how to reach the other end? Or enjoy watching at the sea/river.

If my wishes do not come true, I do not get disheartened or depressed but rather enjoy others’ success and learn from your win?

Whatever assets are there with me, they are enough for me to lead my life. I do not need anything else.
My Day-long business is to look at the other side of the river and cry?

Also, to contemplate that others are sailing and why I have failed? I fill my shortcomings with the things I have now, and with me, That is where my ideal place, my “Kalpolatha” (the garden of Eden), meets my demands.

I do not want to be shedding tears for my day-long engagement of looking at the sea, the flipside of my daylong employment. I swear I can swallow anything that may seem like a deficit.


Dipak Kumar Roy for translating from Bangla to English.

Picture Credits to Pixabay.com



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